Why SGBs


We help the largest creators of jobs in SA to succeed and grow

  • Challenges

    SMEs in South Africa face challenges due to limited bargaining power, cash flow constraints, significant skills gaps and having to operate in a taxing regulatory environment

  • Why now?

    Covid-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of SGB’s. The need for technical assistance, access to resources (digitization) as well as funding is bigger than ever before*.

*Aspen. State of the Small & Growing Business Sector, 2020

Not All Sme’s Were Created Equal

SGBs are small businesses with at least five employees that are led by management with the ambition and potential to expand rapidly.


SGBs in South Africa have the potential to generate 60-80% of GDP growth by 2030 and generate 90% of an estimated 11 million newly created jobs.


SGBs start small and grow into medium-sized companies, these are the companies closest to the consumer and most likely to drive rural development and market-tested innovation.


The Missing Middle

SGB’s often find themselves stuck in the finance gap . They are too big for microfinance and too small and risky for banks and private funders.

We help close this gap, by leveraging our global networks to provide access to funding opportunities and capital.

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