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We separate the meaningful from the meaningless to deliver what matters most — social economic impact in Africa.
Here are the key steps to our winning formula.

Step 1

Market Research

All campaigns are rooted in a strong understanding of the industry and its key players. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to equip our team with the right insights to build the project.

Step 2

Stakeholder Engagement

From start to finish we rely heavily on our network. First to understand the eco system in which we operate and then to ensure the right stakeholders remain engaged and involved throughout.

Step 3


This is the part where all our different sets of brains come together to come up with an epic campaign that meets the vision and exceeds the KPI’s of our clients. We always create with the end goal in mind- impact.

Step 4


Backed with solid research, the right stakeholders and an epic concept, we develop a realistic plan of action and start making things happen.

Enterprise Development Campaigns (EDP)

Is Enterprise Development campaign more than grants, funds and incubators?

We believe in real impact. We design with the end-user in mind and ensure the programs we create a more than just buzzwords. We work with your organization to create custom-build programs designed to uplift entrepreneurs across Africa.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Is CSR and CSI, more than donating to a good cause?

We work with organisations that have a vested interested and purpose in building the environment and community. Our Social Responsibility programs are designed to respond to the global SDG’s (Social Development Goals) as well as on your company’s corporate goals.

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Supplier Development Campaigns (SDP)

Is Supplier Development only made of skills training?

We delve into your ecosystem and deliver a cohesive blueprint and empower your suppliers by enhancing their operational and financial performance.

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