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Enterprise Development Program

Access To Knowledge, Resources, Training & Networks

We design, build and implement programs designed to grow SGBs in South Africa, aligned to the corporate partners’ organizational objectives and KPIs.

Our programs can be designed to support :

  • Local communities and rural development
  • Specific demographics (ie women and/or youth)
  • Targeted companies to ensure creation of pipeline of procurement-ready suppliers

From 2-day workshops to 24 month accelerator programs, we design programs that most benefit the lifecycle stage of program participants.
Our programs can be deployed 100% online, in-person or through a combination.

Our Program Development Process

A needs-based approach

Step 1: Identify SGB need/niche

Together with our anchor partner we define a pressing need or niche of SGBs that can be uplifted applying our methodology and approach to Enterprise Development.

Step 2: Ecosystem of partners

We define the resources required to build a sustainable program and approach and tailor make an ecosystem comprising corporate, knowledge and media partners as well as industry & multilateral organizations and government.

Step 3: Campaign It

For each program we identify the optimal marketing mix for success, usually a combination of digital marketing, PR and events. The marketing campaign serves to both drive exposure for the campaign and its partners as well as a platform to promote the SGBs that are participating.

Step 4: Measure Impact

Constant Monitoring & Evaluation is essential to track value creation for all partners but more importantly to ensure we provide our entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and knowledge that truly are effective in scaling their business and/ or growing their bottom line.

Our Program Benefits

A needs-based approach

Success means equal value creation for all stakeholders involved, specifically our corporate partners and the SGBs we support.

For Corporate Partners

  • Efficient deployment of ED funds
  • Increased share of active black- and black female-owned SME product and service providers (Contribution to B-BBEE scorecard)
  • Strategic focus and value chain alignment
  • Brand visibility and exposure through integrated marketing campaign

For the SGBs

  • Access to market, procurement-ready
  • Support by a tailored growth program
  • Access to networks and industry
  • Revenue Growth and improved business operations
  • Part of community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing mentorship

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Marketing and Business Development

We help businesses in Africa grow

Businesses are the future of the continent. They hold the potential to create the jobs Africa so desperately needs.

We use our network, expertise and the power of digital marketing to help businesses grow, trade internationally and drive sales.

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Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Search Engine Advertising

Email Marketing

Web Development 

Content Creation

Search Enging Optimization

Advanced Analytics 

Display Advertising

Marketing Automation

Capital Facilitation and Investment

Investing in African-grown businesses


We are investors

NONZERO makes direct equity investments into high-potential SGB’s that meet our criteria and fit in our portfolio of companies. Our investments are complemented with substantial non-financial support to ensure long-term business success.


We are Pipeline creators

NONZERO is uniquely positioned. We are firmly on the ground in Africa with the ability to scout and select high-potential SGB’s. At the same time our strong global network allows us to leverage investors, development finance organizations and donors the world over to facilitate funding towards undiscovered SGB’s.

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